It is my pleasure to present Estancias Gauchas, where you will be able to discover the unspoiled uruguayan countryside. Traditions are well preserved in these farming estates. “Estancieros” and “gauchos” are the characters you will meet. Born and raised in my family’s Estancia “Las Cañadas”. I have enjoyed the pleasure and wonder that my friends from abroad experienced when visiting the “estancia”. I relished the silence of the wilderness, the long horseback rides over the open prairies that have belonged to my family for 6 generations.


Faced with the ever rising running costs of the estancia, I became increasingly concerned that this heritage would dissappear. It was then in 1986, I developed ESTANCIAS GAUCHAS, a trade mark and network of farmers who believed in my ideas to show our country, meanwhile maintaining our homes. My estancia, was in those times of my father, so I kept working for the idea, for other farmers, but not for my farm. Before my father died and that I received my land with the main house, he became aware his daughter had discovered a new option for the rural people. He was very proud of me, and I was happy he could finally understand my determination in doing something inconceivable for him, a very conservative person, as most of the farmers.


I thank God that I can still enjoy with those who come, this treasure that reminds me so much of my ancestors and my childhood.


Hoping to see you at Uruguay!!