24 años luego que Colón descubrió América,  Juan Díaz de Solís, the Spanish expeditionary discovered Uruguayan territory. In 1617, the governor Fernando Arias de Saavedra,realizes that the real richness of this region was the abundant natural prairies and the inexhaustible water supply. This gave rise to extraordinary cattle and sheep farming development. The first cows and sheep were introduced to Uruguay at that time and rapidly flourished to become one of the world"s most prosperous cattle breeding economies, reaching 9 million cows and 25 million sheep by the year 1990. The population of Uruguay is 3 million, inhabiting a territory of 176.214km2


Some facts of Uruguay


Name of the country: República Oriental del Uruguay

Capital: Montevideo 

Borders: 579 km with Argentina, 985 km with Brasil, 660 beaches.

Highest mountain: 514 meter (Cerro Catedral)

Area: 176215 km2

Country`s population: 3.399.239, from which 1.750.100 are in Montevideo.

Language: Spanish

Religion: 66% catholics, 2% protestant, 1% jews, others 31%.

Politics: Constitutional Republic Country is divided into 19 departments 

President: José Mujica

Coin: Uruguayan peso

Main exportations: (milk, meat, wool, rice, leather)

Main importations: (machines, chimics, cars, oil)

Main business partners: Brasil, Argentina, United States, Germany, Italy and Venezuela

Telephone: to call to Uruguay you have to dial 00 598 + city 2 (Montevideo).

Weather: Uruguay doesn`t have extreme climates as very cold or very hot. We could call a typical oceanique temperate weather. The hottest weather is in January and the coldest is july. Be prepared for quick changes of weather.

Seasons: spring and autumn are really nice time to visit Uruguay. Summer, if you are happy to swet a little, it can be very nice too. Winter is not icy or snowy, in Uruguay never snows, only in mid july, you can see ice on top of the grass. 

Security: even though at Montevideo, there are crimes and thiefs Uruguay is one of the safest countries in South America.

Water: you can drink it any where from the tab.


Historical dates


10.000 AC 1525 DC: Charruas

1525: discover of the River Plate

1680: Portuguese found Colonia del Sacramento

1777: jesuits are expulsed from america

1726: Montevideo was founded by the Spanish

1807: We were invaded by the English 

1813: Provisory Government directed by Jose Artigas (our national hero) 

1815: Argentines leave Uruguay 

1816: Portuguese back in Uruguay 

1828: Independence of Uruguay


1830- 2008 democratic governments except for 2 periods 1875-1880 and 1975 to 1985 where we had militars dictatorships.