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Dear Cecilia,

This is to thank you once again for helping us on our way in Uruguay. We had an exceptional holiday, not in the least thanks to your itinerary. You certainly have a gift for understanding exactly what people want to see and do. We took a lot of photos and as promised, we will send you a selection. This may take some time because coming back home after a long trip means there is a lot to catch up on. We are in love with Uruguay. And especially the people. Everyone (with the exception of two on the first evening), was so kind, friendly, helpful, and interested. The only problem was that we could have used even more time. Five weeks sounds like a long time, but wanting to experience things on a more than superficial level, and taking our time, meant that we could not go everywhere. The highlights certainly have to be the estancias especially Guardia del Monte, La Aurora, and yours.
And Colonia. Divino! We are certainly coming back.
We will certainly get in touch with you when we will be in the neighbourhood again! Of course it is a culture shock to be back here, and not only because of the weather. In the mean time, very best wishes to you and your family, everyone at Las Cañadas, and Michaela. We hope she is progressing well.

Un beso. Anna & Niels Reinbergen

Dear Cecilia,

Back in our country we want to thank you very and indeed very much for the fantastic reception in Uruguay and in particular, in your estancia Las Canadas. It seems ages ago but it was only a few weeks ago, we know. Cecilia, you have done a fantastic thing to us. Too easy to talk about going back in time in Uruguay. It is not just that. It is the tradition, the responsibility, the loyalty, the commitment, the beauty and the ugliness of the past that nourishes the future. The stay at your estancia was a lesson, an important lesson. You are, more than you may guess, a bridge between past and future tradition. Your unconditional loyalty to good and bad, to cattle and arroyo, to gaucho and horse, to moral values and love, have impressed us and we found a universal communion in your way of life and your concern for mankind. It was a unique experience and we have only one wish: to meet you again in your beautiful and beloved country. Could it happen that your travels touch European grounds you should know that you are more than welcome to visit us and be our guests in our humble home in The Netherlands. Just let us know when you arrive, as we are and will continue to be travelers also ourselves…

Our best regards, and un abrazo.Sonja and Gerard Kester

Hi Cecilia,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for a wonderful stay at your estancia. We really did have a lovely time, and were very sad to leave. We will keep in touch, and should you ever wish to visit Ireland you are more than welcome to stay with us.

Take care, best wishes from Antonia & Darren.

Hi Nan, Jacob and Maggie,

Jackie and I got back from our vacation on Monday afternoon and we both wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had! Everything went perfectly smoothly, and we enjoyed all of our guides, excursions meals and hotels. Jacob, I do not have email addresses for Cecilia in Uruguay but was hoping that you could please forward this to her as well, and tell her how much we enjoyed ourselves. Cecilia called to check on us, which was very nice. And we want her to know that the vineyard we visited in Uruguay was awesome and Soledad who showed us around there was super cool. Also, our driver in Uruguay, Fernando, was a really great guy.

Maggie, you were the best! Thanks for hanging out with us and helping make our time in BA so much fun. I hope we can hang out again when we come back next year (which we are already planning to do). I attached a few photos of us from the pool area at the Faena that are cute.

Anyway, thank you all for arranging such a fun vacation for us. We already have an idea of the itinerary we want for next January (Punta Del Este, Mendoza, and then BA) and will be in touch soon to work on some plans.

Warmest Regards, Carolyn and Jackie.

Votre petit e-mail me fait vraiment très plaisir, et surtout de voir ce cheval que nous pensions très sauvage et indomptable monté par un gaucho avec

Nous étions vraiment très heureux à l'estancia et nous avons tous de photos magnifiques, je vous en enverrai quelques unes - nous allons tous nous rencontrer le 30 Novembre pour un échange de photos et je choisirai les meilleures.

Pour nous, c'était vraiment l'inconnu - nous n'avions jamais fait du Cheval - et au bout de 2 heures nous ne voulions plus quitter nos chevaux. L'endroit est tout simplement magnifique - le coucher de soleil est à pleurer tellement c'est beau. Vous avez bien de la chance d'avoir une telle propriété. Le voyage était tout simplement enchanteur et il faut que je l'avoue, lors du retour j'ai pleuré un peu dans l'avion. Le Groupe était formidable. Nous, nous sommes vraiment bien entendu et la vie en groupe me manque maintenant. Il y avait beaucoup d'émotions du faite que Ariel nous a vraiment impliqué dans la vie de l'Uruguay avec sa famille. Le voyage était parfaitement organisé, nous avons vus tellement de choses et Hernan et son Bus ont joué un très grand rôle dans le succès de ce voyage - c'est un garçon formidable - élu par unanimité comme l'homme parfait. Thomas, le garçon d'Ariel était effondré à l'Aéroport de Montevidéo, il ne voulait pas quitter son meilleur ami Hernan et son cheval Mimoso. La seul critique que nous avions à faire est sur l'hôtel à Montevideo - il est vraiment très mal tenu - il manque de la rigueur dans tous les domaines. Le Service était lamentable, la propreté douteuse, beaucoup de choses à réparer - vraiment dommage parce que l'hôtel est vraiment très bien placé et avec une bonne direction on pourra en faire un hôtel super.

Voila, je pense qu'il n'y ait pas un oeil autrichien ou français - quand les ingrédients sont bons - on ne peut pas rater le gâteau. Les ingrédients étaient tous de qualité supérieur - une organisation formidable, un super groupe, du beau temps, un pays magnifiques, des gens sympathiques - que peut-on vouloir de plus?

Je vous embrasse et à bientôt je l'espère. Gisela
(+598) 29163011/12
Bacacay 1334 - Local C / Montevideo - Uruguay